Timetool - A simple time registration tool

Timetool will help you (or a small group of people) keep track of the time spent on project work. It is easy to use, and offers a lot of flexibility in implementation. The current version is very simple, most suitable for small groups, but Timetool can easily be extended to suit any need, without requiring any change to the application run by users.

Motivation for Timetool

It is my belief that it is much more enjoyable to use a native application than a website. It usually:

At the same time, the advantages of a web-based system can't be denied:

Timetool aims to offer the best of both worlds: at the center it is a website that collects time registration information, using a dry webform and storing it into an SQL database. Yet at the same time, most people will interface with it using a native "rich client" application, that offers an appealing skin and some extra facilities not available through web services alone, making working with the website a lot more enjoyable.

What do I need to use Timetool?

To use Timetool, you will need to install a copy of the server scripts on a webhost. You can work with the web application, but to get the most out of Timetool you should get the rich client as well.

If you're in a group and you have someone who's already set up a server, you just need the client application, and to feed it the URL of your server.

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Timetool is licensed under the BSD License
Timetool and this website are copyright © 2007–2008 by Rico Huijbers
I will not put my e-mail address here, but if you want to contact me, you can leave a note on Timetool's SourceForge support request tracker.